The 1-phase track, a trend for tiny boutiques

A lighting track brings complete flexibility. The narrower 1-phase track is an attractive proposition for smaller projects, thanks to its modest height of 20 millimetres. The rails we supply are from Nordic Aluminium, a Finnish high-quality brand. This is seen as the standard in high-quality track systems.


With the help of a 1-phase track, creative, functional and flexible lighting solutions can be created. The 1-phase rail ensures that spotlights can easily be moved over the rail system.


Compared to the 3-phase track, the 1-phase track is narrower, resulting in an elegant and compact look. In addition, the copper wires do not have to be bent when you cut them to size. You can dim the luminaires on 1-phase track using phase-cut dimmable drivers within the luminaires. This is an optimal way of dimming for tiny boutiques and shops, residential areas, bars and cafeterias.


The Nordic Aluminum 1-phase rail systems are available in black, white and grey colour. In addition, you can choose from a rail of one, two or three meters. The 1-phase track is also available as a recessed variant.


We have several spots that can be attached to the track rail. Curious about the offer? View the range here. We also supply all accessories such as a GB 67S Schuko adapter, with which a power point can be easily created.


The track systems are in stock, so we can deliver quickly. Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to discuss the many options with you.


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