Three lighting solutions that have come out of the shadows.

Infuse your restaurant or hotel lobby with warm colours in the evening, show off your collection in warming hues as you switch from your winter to summer collection, or simply ensure that your lighting is in tune with the biorhythms of your team. All this is possible, simply by using your smartphone, tablet, remote control or within a standard DALI 8 configuration. And the beauty of it is, it comes in a single light module.

The lighting world never stands still: technical innovations come quickly, one after the other. Light4U wants the best for its customers and in this spirit, we try to share as much relevant information with you as possible. Read here what these special applications mean.

Hospitality mood lighting with Dim-to-Warm

Bulbs provide a light that is warmer when dimmed, than when they are not dimmed. When an LED light is dimmed, the colour temperature remains the same. Dim-to-Warm changes all this. With Dim-to-Warm, it is possible to experience a colour temperature comparable to an incandescent lamp (3000K). It can also create a colour temperature similar to a candle (1800K). Dim-to-Warm is often used in restaurants, hotels and living rooms. Dim-to-Warm is available for use in spotlights and downlights.

Improve the work performance of your employees with Tunable White

Tunable White can influence our biological clock by imitating daylight. For example, you can mimic sunlight by having the luminaire deliver 2700K in the morning, smoothly transition to 6500K in the afternoon and back to 2700K in the evening. By setting the controls properly, your lighting can contribute to improving performance, concentration and motivation. Tunable White is often used in offices, hospitals, elderly homes and retail. Tunable White is available for use in track spots, downlights and suspended luminaires.

Easy control of lamps with Casambi

Casambi is a lighting control system based on Bluetooth. Casambi can be operated not only by a switch or remote control, but also by mobile phones and tablets using the Casambi app. You can switch the lights on or off remotely, dim them or change the light colour and intensity based on a time schedule as well grouping of luminaires is possible. Casambi is available for track spots, downlights and wall and ceiling luminaires.

And whether you have one, ten or a hundred luminaires, they’re all easy to operate with just one control panel. Make it easy on yourself and get all the benefits from these great lighting solutions.

To find out more about the options available, please get in contact with us. We will be happy to help.


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