About Light4U.

Building better lighting every day.

We are Light4U. Based in The Netherlands, providing custom-built fixtures worldwide since 2004. That experience has given us a head start: today we are a leader in developing solutions for retail establishments, showrooms, utility lighting and the hospitality industry.



We are home for lighting professionals from all over the world, so we have everything needed to deliver customised quality: a wide range of products, a large stock, an innovative technical department and, above all, unlimited passion for lighting.


We love to excel in knowledge and quality, as well as in the way we work. We know you are not always looking for a standard solution. And that speed is always a must. That’s why we are a flexible partner and, if necessary, almost as fast as light.


Light4U has been known for our typical sparkle for many years. We just love moving forward as a team and having fun. When you have a passion for what you do, you can make a difference. In terms of business, as well as on a personal level and for the world in which we live.

Our story.

Seeing opportunities.

Just after the start of the new millennium, the world of lighting is still an industry that is similar to many others. Not knowing about the enormous metamorphosis that is about to take place. But Wim and Walter see that the demands of retailers are changing. There is an increasing need for flexibility and customisation. They decide it is time to join forces. It’s time for Light4U.

Our start.

In 2004, in the Groningen countryside, the two brand new entrepreneurs are standing in front of their small office. There is an old Volkswagen in the car park. A warehouse? Simply not there yet. But what is: the drive to make their business a success. Purchasing, assembling, acquiring customers, establishing relationships: they do it all themselves. Time flies. And soon they expand.

Up and running.

It is clear. Light4U is up and running. Especially when the first export customer comes on board in 2006. And because we are now operating internationally, we move to the more centrally located town of Joure. We continue to build, step by step. As an importer and distributor of premium brands. And as a producer with a high-quality range of our own. But then. Then the crisis starts.


It is 2008. A tough time, for everyone in the business. But Light4U must continue. We choose to continue to invest in technology, quality, personnel and automation. It keeps us alive. The crisis not only provides more resilience, but also focus. From now on, Light4U will only focus on LED technology. Because that is where the future is. A new adventure lies ahead.

International spotlights.

With the breakthrough of LED, many new doors are opening. Not least for our customers. They benefit from much higher quality and even more customisation. But new doors open for Light4U as well. Light & Building in Frankfurt am Main is one of them. It’s the moment we step into the international spotlight. It soon becomes apparent our solutions are appealing. Several international collaborations are established. It feels like a good flow.


Meanwhile, the lighting market seems to be developing even faster. Knowledge is key. That’s why our team is constantly being expanded. With international expertise as well now. Our export department gets a boost. Our offices, warehouse and production facilities are expanded. A unique R&D department is being realised. We are now home to ambitious lighting professionals from all over the world.

We are light builders.

At Light4U, we build high-quality lighting solutions every day. For customers who have been with us from the very beginning. For new partners. For relationships in places as diverse as Dokkum, Denmark and Dubai. With the same dedication as back then, but now with limitless possibilities. Our adventure has only just begun. And we’d love it if you would join us on our journey.


The best way to be successful is to help others succeed. That is why we support talented athletes and ambitious sports clubs. Our relationship with the ALS Foundation is very special. In order to beat this degenerative muscle disease, our team has come into action to raise funds many times. We rounded the North Cape. Climbed Mont Ventoux. Swam in Amsterdam canals. Organised our own successful swimming event. Our energy connects and illuminates others in this way. For Wim and Walter, this is the achievement about which they are most proud.