ALS City swim 2017

Amsterdam City Swim: supporters help defeat ALS!

Light4U celebrated it’s 10th birthday celebration by taking part in the Mystery Roads Challenge. All proceeds went to benefit the ALS Foundation. Last year we conquered Mont Ventoux. And this year we are supporting a special effort from a mother and daughter team in the fight against ALS .

Impressive stories

But first, lets retrace our steps. The Mystery Road Challenge finished with an afterparty, to which all sponsors were invited. The catering was provided by Pitbrothers, run by Ina Meijers and her husband. The evening was also the catalyst for spurring her into doing her bit for Stichting ALS. Ina: “The stories we heard there and the people we met were hugely inspiring. The final push came when I saw Fernando Ricksen – courageous, proud and charming – on television. That’s why we decided to take the plunge –  literally and figuratively!”

Swimming for ALS Foundation Netherlands (Stichting ALS)

And so she did, with her daughter Anouk. Sunday 3 September 2017 saw the 6th Amsterdam City Swim taking place. More than 2,600 participants took the plunge at the Marine Etablissement Amsterdam, swimming more than two kilometres through Amsterdam’s canals to reach the end-point at Keizersgracht.

Ina retells this unforgettable experience in her own words: “With the sun shining and a temperature of 21 degrees, the weather was perfect for swimming. We jumped into the Amsterdam canals together with the other participants. An especially poignant moment was when former professional footballer and ALS patient Fernando Ricksen, having travelled especially from Valencia to be there, gave the starting signal. It was fantastic!”

Taking pride in each other and in the organisation

“With every stroke we swam along the approximately 2-kilometre route, we were cheered by a massive crowd. It was an amazing sight! After 1 hour and 10 minutes, Anouk and I finished at the same time. We were immediately presented with medals and enveloped in lovely warm bathrobes. It was a very proud moment! It was not only that we felt proud about each other, we also felt proud about the whole organisation. We look back on that day as being very special and emotional.”

Still time to donate

“Together we have raised more than 1.7 million euros for ALS Foundation Netherlands. And the donation counter will remain open until the end of September. There’s still time to donate! Click on ‘donate’ and select participant Ina Meijers or Anouk Stulp. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated already! For us, this was just a small amount of effort for people who fight a major battle every day.”

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