ALS swimmers receive floating suits

We’re only realising it now. We set ourselves the goal of raising EUR 3,500,- during the Christmas Swim Relay. This was enough for two floating suits so that people with ALS could still go into the water. But things turned out a little differently than planned: thanks to our great participants and sponsors, no less than EUR 24,769 was raised!

Free for a moment

On April 24th, together with the Heerenveen Swimming club and the ALS Foundation,  we were able to hand over, the dry suits to Richard Beets of the ALS op de Weg Foundation. This foundation helps ALS patients with resources that fall outside the scope of regular reimbursements. A dry suit is a good example of this. Richard: “Our goal is to support people with ALS so that they can function in society for as long as possible. Of course, sports are also part of that. And swimming in particular. All the more so because in the water, any restrictions are ‘alleviated’. You feel free for a moment. Such a special suit is not only very expensive, but also very valuable.”

Never expected

A great amount has been raised swimming. Two floating suits were bought from the total amount raised. Walter from Light4U: “This is a special moment. We put a lot of energy into the Relay, but never expected to get so many people involved. We hope that the people who are going to use the suits can enjoy entering the water as much as we have done”. The remaining money will be given to the ALS Foundation to be used for research.

Together stronger against ALS

Are we planning to do this again? Walter: “Yes for sure. Every time, we feel more and more connected with the goal. Next year there will probably be another great situation or opportunity that we can link to a campaign or activity. To raise money, but also to bring ALS to the attention. Together we want be strong against ALS!

On the picture from left to right:
Marlies van Eunen (ALS Foundation Nederland), Walter van Maren (Light4U), Jantien Homsma (Light4U), Richard Beets (ALS op de weg Foundation), Amerens Mulder (Heerenveen swimming club HZ&PC) en Bauke de Haan (ALS Friesland Foundation).  


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