Are you in energy-saving mode? Discover the High Efficiency version of Edda L – the Edda L HE.

Higher performance and lower energy costs.

By refining the Edda L technology, the performance is even higher than before, with a subsequent 20% drop in power consumption. This has a direct impact on your electricity costs. Have a look at the calculation example so you can see what it means for you.

Light output and colour rendering.

The secret of Edda L HE is that high-performance goes together with high colour rendering. And it is this colour rendering that is key when lighting a shop. Don’t forget, a shop needs to be full of ambience and inviting, as well as being functional. Colour rendering and authenticity will have a huge impact on the customer experience and what they purchase.

For all projects.

Besides retail, the Edda L HE also finds its place perfectly in showroom and hospitality lighting. You can choose from 930HE or 940HE, various dimming and control options and accessories. This makes the Edda L HE attractive for any project.

Reduce your Carbon footprint.

The applied technology used in the High Efficiency version has a positive impact on CO2 emissions. Click here to see the full specifications. Interested? Feel free to contact us on +31 (0) 513 41 70 90 or via The Edda L HE is available from stock and we will gladly assemble it for your project.


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