Bakery lighting: the bakery with the golden bread


If you are looking for the perfect lighting for a bakery, you will of course want the bread to be presented as attractively as possible. This can be achieved by using the LED Module Gold and Gold+. Find out below how Light4U can take your bakery lighting to the next level.

What is the LED Module Gold+?

The Light4U luminaires for bakery lighting are equipped with the Gold+ LED Module from Tridonic’s food series. The LED Module creates a light brown hue which makes the bread look even more appetising. This means that the bread keeps its oven-fresh appearance throughout the day. The LED Module Gold+ ensures that the bread always looks fresh and delicious.

Application in a bakery.

Our partner Micro-Light recently installed fixtures by Light4U in a bakery in Germany. They used the Light4U Nanna, Sana and Bryan Pendant for this project. The recessed luminaire Light4U Nanna Large creates an eye-catching rear wall display. Because of the wide beam, the Nanna is perfect for lighting products on the shelves. The Nanna is also available as a track spot.

Additional advantages.

Besides the fact that the bread is beautifully presented, LED lighting also has other advantages. The excellent thermal management system of the luminaires guarantees a much lower heat flow. Together with the high efficiency of the luminaires, electrical consumption will drop significantly. LED lighting is therefore very energy efficient, which reduces your energy bills. In addition, Light4U provides a five-year warranty.

LED lighting to suit your needs.

The special retail colours are extremely popular and are often used in a variety of retail projects. The right light has a huge impact on the perception of customers and the presented products. The Retail LED Modules can be placed in recessed, surface-mounted, suspended and track luminaires.

Light4U offers customised lighting solutions, so we can always add some sparkle to any retail, utility, showroom or hospitality lighting project. Browse the extensive product specifications on our product page or ask us to send you the Light4U LEDBook.

If you have any questions or would like more information, then please feel free to contact us via  +31 (0) 513 41 70 90 or


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