Ban on halogen light bulbs

75% are unaware of the ban on halogen spotlights
The sale of halogen spotlights has been banned in Europe since 1 September. However, up to three-quarters of European consumers are not aware. Which light sources are being banned and what are good alternatives?

The ban on inefficient light bulbs
Inefficient light bulbs are being phased outin the European Union. The least efficient is of course the old light bulb, which has been subject to an import ban since February 2016, although a total ban on the halogen light bulb has been postponed until 1 September 2018. The GU10 halogen spotlights and the PAR30 halogen spotlights have already been banned since 1 September 2016. Existing stocks may still be sold, but importing is no longer allowed.

Light bulbs banned with immediate effect
The halogen ban affects mains voltage directional light sources (such as the GU10, PAR, R), and some recent GLS types. As of now, spots like the GU 5.3 must comply with a minimum lifetime of 4000 hours. The following are banned:

• GU10 spots
• EcoClassic reflectors (R39, NR50, NR63, R80)
• PAR (par16, par20, par30, par38, par56)
• GU5.3 spots (MR11, MR16, MR20)


Widespread ignorance
Yet there are very few people aware of the halogen ban. That became apparent from a study commissioned by Philips Lighting in June in five countries. In Sweden, 84% of the population are not aware of the ban. Likewise, in the United Kingdom (80 %) and Germany (77%) people are not well-informed.

Other notable issues
The study shows that there is still much to be done as part of raising awareness of sustainability (the move to LED). Some notable points at a glance:

• 67% of European consumers already have LED in their homes
• 17% think that halogen is more efficient than LED
• 38% incorrectly believe that halogen spotlights are energy efficient
• 20% think that LED light sources are not dimmable

Get more value out of your lighting
LED, the alternative for halogen, has the same light output and is up to 90% more energy efficient. Are you still using halogen? We are happy to advise you on how to switch over painlessly, and therefore get a better performance from your lighting. Please feel free to contact us, via +31 (0)513 417 090.

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