Utility lighting.

A workplace, comfier than home

Optimised performance and learning. A greater sense of security. More comfort. Proper utility lighting contributes to a pleasant living environment in many different ways. It makes a big difference, in particular in areas where we spend a lot of time each day.

Long-term value

We are proud that we are making a contribution to projects in offices, educational institutions and care centres with our LED products. Sustainability is always key. You can count on durability, optimal light output, and significant energy savings.

Discover our tailor-made utility lighting

At Light4U we are happy to share our expertise. Feel free to visit our inspiration space. Experience what a difference high-quality human-centric lighting can make. You can schedule an appointment by contacting Jos Pol.

We are very at home with utility lighting

Check out our projects in non-residential construction and our product range. If you have any specific requirements, please feel free to contact Zuzana Nadim or Ferdi Göc. We will be happy to develop a customised solution or help you prepare your lighting plan.


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