Cardan S: Adjustable in no-time.

When you have a store where the collection changes every few weeks. A showroom where different cars find a place every day. Or an exhibition space where works of art change regularly. Then you need lighting that is very easy to adjust.

Separately integrated.

With a cardanic system, you can illuminate down to the last detail and, moreover, adjust at lightning speed. The Light4U Cardan S is a compact recessed spot with the qualities of a track spot. Why? The light sources can be rotated and tilted separately from each other. Whether you opt for a fixture with one, two, or three light sources.

In an instant.

Do you want to highlight another item in your product presentation? Or a new work of art? Thanks to the free rotation of the Cardan, you can arrange this in no time. This multifunctional fixture can also be used perfectly as general lighting.

Custom built for you.

Naturally, this compact luminaire offers extensive control and dimming options. Do you want to fine-tune completely? Let us build in modules for food, fashion, and art. View all options here. If you want to know more, please contact us. Our experts are happy to help you.


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