Challenging ceiling? Tracks and pendant luminaires!

Ambience always plays the leading role in catering lighting. But what if a building has a ceiling with a maze of visible pipes? And how do you integrate both atmospheric and functional lighting into this?

The new Verhage restaurant in Vleuterweide is such a building. High concrete ceilings, lots of visible pipework. That’s why everything is painted in the same dark colour. That already is calmer for the eye. The new lighting fits in seamlessly with this. With the black Nordic Aluminum rail system and black Light4U fixtures, the lighting consultants of opted not only for appropriate looks, but also for maximum flexibility.

The easy-to-adjust 3-phase track system is cleverly installed between the tubes. Because of this (and by using the same colour) the ceiling looks calm. Despite the many elements. The Light4U track systems provide the functional lighting, while the Light4U Skadi 220 PE pendant luminaires (3000K) guarantee a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

How challenging it sometimes may seem to fix lighting to a ceiling, with the right track system and appropriate fixtures you can turn it into an attractive whole. Especially when you add the extensive control options of our fixtures. Adjust the atmosphere in any way you want. Or even better: you let the lighting adjust itself. For a warm welcome, at any time of the day.

A challenging catering lighting project? We like to inspire you. Feel free to contact us for tailor-made advice.

Photographer: Bianca Wesselius


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