Dimming in the store of the future.

Creating the store of the future. That’s what Peertje Projecten had in mind at the Decorette home furniture studio. In such a challenge, all facets just have to be right. Especially the lighting. Ivy Senten of Peertje Projecten explains why she chose Light4U lighting for this project.

Only top-level lighting.

Peertje’s core business? “We make unique lighting and home automation projects and ensure the realization with our professional installation service.” A solution in which not only lighting but also curtains, TV, audio, smoke detectors, and shutters are controlled. Ivy: “For this, we use, among others, the FIBARO system. The lighting we choose must not only fit within this system, it must also be perfectly dimmable. Without blinking. And with the right light intensity. That’s the reason our demands on lighting are extremely high.”

Natural colours as a must.

“Another important condition that we set is that the colours appear true to nature. Basically, as they can be seen in daylight. That is always extremely important in retail, but especially in the case of a home furnishing store like this one. You don’t want customers to experience the colour of their curtains at home differently than on the shop floor. Black curtains should be black and not dark blue. That is why we opted for Spectral LED. A must in this case.”

Flexibility is the future.

In a beautiful store like Decorette, there are different corners, each with its own atmosphere. A natural corner, a dark corner. Then it is nice when you can play with light. Ivy: “With Smart Lighting, our customers have access to various groups from which they can control all connected components. Everything can be adjusted remotely. Think of light colours and light intensity. This way, you can easily move with the day and your assortment.”

Leading in dimming.

“Why did we choose Light4U fixtures? Well, Light4U excels in lighting solutions with high-quality dimming functions. Very important for this project. They are ahead in this and continue to develop. In addition, the collaboration with Ferdi from Light4U is great. He gave us good advice and thought along with us. Through him, we got several demos that enabled us to test and to find the best result.”

All conditions are present.

Ivy and her colleagues chose the wall washer Nanna ST R: “Because the wide beam angle flows nicely into each other, without unsightly edges. Perfect for highlighting, for example, larger posters and wall hangings.” With the rail spot Tube R (also with Spectral LED), smaller objects are lit up like paintings. The result is beautiful: “The customer is very pleased and wants to get the most out of the system. Everything can be adjusted remotely, and the products are illuminated with crystal clarity. As far as we are concerned, these are the conditions for the store of the future.”


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