Enhancing your fashion store: the power of perfect lighting.

The project.
Creating an inviting atmosphere is crucial for any fashion store. Janse Mode, a renowned Dutch brand, understood this and upgraded the lighting in their 14 stores. They aimed for excellent lighting: quality, accurate colour reproduction, and energy efficiency.

Light partner & architect. 
Partnering with Create Light and Sjaak Hamstra Interiors, Janse Mode revolutionized the shopping experience with stunning and true-to-colour lighting. The chosen track spotlight played a pivotal role, offering versatility in beam angles, light colours, and accessories.

A challenge in the project was varying room heights, each needing different beam angles and lumen output. The chosen spotlight with these diverse requirements, allows precise customization for each space. Whether illuminating shop windows, fitting rooms, or walkways, the spotlight delivers the perfect lighting solution.

Delivering excellent lighting.
In conclusion, the track spotlight’s adaptability was crucial to Janse Mode’s lighting project. It catered to different needs, seamlessly integrating with the store’s contemporary look while delivering excellent lighting. This successful implementation highlights the importance of selecting the correct fixtures for an exceptional shopping experience.



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