Looking good! Fashion LED module brings fashion to life.

Fashion Led Module

Light4U luminaires have provided added value to fashion stores for many years. With the arrival of special fashion LED modules, fashion retailers can elevate their product presentation to an even higher level. Colours are displayed in a more intense way and fabrics become more aesthetically pleasing. The fashion LED module brings fashion to life even more.

The technology of this special fashion module is based on many years of research, specifically focussed on lighting in retail. The module generates beautiful colours with pleasant warm shades and high saturation (entirely without UV light), as well as intense and friendly white shades thanks to the specific blue light component. The result? An unrivalled, beautiful presentation of clothing in perfect, colourfast light.

Fashion module in brief:

  • optimised light spectrum for a perfect fashion presentation
  • warm and sparkling colours with high saturation, combined with pure and shiny white
  • best balanced fashion light for all colours (typically CRI 95)
  • high colour consistency (MacAdam 3)

This sales-enhancing module can be used with all Light4U luminaires (track, recessed, surface and pendant). Need more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us for more inspiration and info about what options are available for your project.


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