Functional lighting for sufficient brightness.

The Floriade area will be further developed into a new green urban district of Hortus. You will find the beautiful residential care centre Flora in the middle of this area. People with dementia live in this care centre, and from Flora, they have a view of the beautiful gardens and pavilions of the Expo Floriade.

D&A Licht, together with the architects Leonie Borgerink and Anne-Carien, realized the lighting for this care building with as point of departure “a feeling of home”. A wonderfully successful project.

Unique in this project was the exhibition “Experience the world of someone with dementia”. For this purpose, they used space in the grand cafe. What to take into account when you set up an exhibition space? You want a clear routing for visitors, and you want to do justice to all elements. Think of good colour rendering of the objects and clear reading displays. To achieve this, you use functional lighting. In this case, the Light4U World.

The World shows its value here. This multifunctional downlight has endless possibilities due to the many different options and techniques you can choose from. The luminaire can be built for any setting.

Now that the exhibition has ended, the space has become a grand cafe again, from brightness to atmosphere. The World switches along effortlessly.

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