Gallery Rozeta: the art of illumination in focus.

The project.

Nestled in Slovakia’s Tatras mountains, Gallery Rozeta opened its doors after 50 years of lobbying. The Gallery celebrates contemporary art and functions as a meeting place for young local artists.

Light partner & architect.

Partnering with ES-PRO s.r.o., D-light projects s.r.o. and architect Ing. Arch. Peter C. Abónyi, Gallery Rozeta created a breathtaking space where, thanks to the help of excellent and precise lighting, modern pieces of art come to life.


The project entailed managing dimming levels of all luminaires and facilitating the adjustment of luminaire positions within various rooms. This adaptability allows for seamless reconfiguration to suit the unique requirements of each exhibition.

Innovative lighting solution.

The Surt (4OOOK and high CRI), where Casambi has replaced the potentiometer, is used during this project. The additional beam angle adjustment flexibility and its futuristic design make the Surt the perfect luminaire for this beautiful art gallery, a dream of many people.


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