Gerrit has been at Light4U for 15 years today. Congratulations!

Gerrit, our accountant, has been at Light4U for exactly 15 years today. We decided to interview him to honour this auspicious anniversary. Would you like to discover how Gerrit came to work at Light4U, his secret and fondest memories? Read on to find out more!

How did you come to work at Light4U?

I actually had two jobs before I came to work at Light4U. I worked at each company for 20 hours. My wish was ultimately to find one single job that I could work 40 hours a week at. It was in 2006, I was called by a job agency at 9:30 a.m. asking if I would like to work full time at Light4U. I had an interview an hour later and by 11:30 a.m. I was employed! It went very quickly, I grabbed the opportunity, ha-ha!

Can you please share a little about your work activities?

We had a team of four when I came here 15 years ago. This meant I had a broad role and I did various work activities. Due to the fact that Light4U was growing rapidly, more and more staff were employed. During my career I’ve been able to follow courses to pass my practical accountancy exams and MBA. This means that I can fully focus on accountancy today.

What is the secret that allowed you to stay at Light4U for 15 years?

Light4U is a no-nonsense company. This really appeals to me because my personality is exactly the same. Despite the major growth that Light4U has undergone, this mentality has prevailed. In addition, I really enjoy the diversity of my work.

What is the biggest difference between now, and when you first started working here?

The biggest difference between then and now is the size of the company and the number of staff. We started in a small office in Marum and are now located in a beautiful large building with a warehouse in Joure.

What is your fondest memory in the 15 years that you’ve been working here?

One of my fondest memories is that when we were working in the small office in Marum, we used to get meatballs with gravy from the petrol station on a Friday. Or we’d get egg rolls from the Chinese restaurant for lunch.

What are you proud of?

I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been able to grow with this company. In addition, I feel a sense of pride when I see Light4U fixtures in stores throughout the Netherlands.

I want to thank Walter and Wim for 15 wonderful years and their trust in me. Here’s to 20 years!

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