Get to know him with all his benefits: the Ymir.

Our latest generation of 3-phase track spots are so sophisticated, you have no idea what to expect. Until you know what they are capable of.
Meet the Light4U Ymir: super compact, with top performance in light image and output.

In Norse mythology, Ymir was an ancient giant. The Ymir luminaire is just that, but only in terms of performance. This trackspot with integrated driver is equipped with the latest technologies. The result is great. It is not without reason that because of its compact design and endless possibilities, this fixture is widely used in demanding environments such as retail, catering and showrooms. Places where sublime lighting is essential.

The Ymir is 350° rotatable and 65° tiltable and therefore ready for any task. Put together the Ymir yourself and choose different light colours, CRI, control options, beam angles and accessories. Do you want to select the best options together with an expert? That’s possible! Just give us a call. We’re looking forward to build your unique solution together.


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