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Green Deal: rail spot LIVAL Cafeteria

The LIVAL GA-016 Cafeteria is special because this rail spot is made of lightweight, recycled material. A green choice, especially in combination with the energy-efficient LED technology. That’s why the Cafeteria is this month’s Green Deal: that means an additional discount!

Slim and slender

This spot is not only eco-friendly, it is also very good looking. Because the driver is integrated into the Global adapter, the slender Cafeteria exudes elegance. The Cafeteria is made of powder-coated aluminium and is available in black, white and silver.

Creating the right accents

Thanks to the wide range of available light sources and high lumen output, this spot is a real all-rounder. It is perfect in a retail environment where food needs to be presented as attractive as possible, or it can be used in fashion or even in luxury homes. Whether you opt for Spot 15°, Narrow Flood 24°, Flood 30°, or Wide Flood 50°, creating the right accents in your lighting project is simple.

Available from stock at a razor-sharp price

Take advantage of this Green Deal now! The LIVAL Cafeteria is available immediately (as long as stock lasts), at a razor-sharp price. Interested? Click here to see the specifications or contact us on +31 513 417 090 or info@light4u.io.

To find out more about the Finnish quality brand LIVAL, click here to see our entire LIVAL range.


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