Guangzhou Lighting Fair, 9 t/m 12 June 2016

A nice week in Guangzhou! Visiting the Lighting Fair with Wim and Walter. A large international fair with 13 exhibition halls and 2000 exhibitors. 20160609_094100Because of cultural differences, it is sometimes very difficult to assess whether or not suppliers are able to complement us and would fit in the DNA of Light4U. However, we have managed to find a new supplier for the hospitality industry. The process has started. We are going to order and test the first samples. I can’t wait! To be continued…

Of course we also visited our existing suppliers. It is always good to see each other again and go through some points for improvement. And the best way of doing this is on-site. When I visit the factory and the people, and talk directly with the engineer and others involved in the development of our products, I’m impressed with the speed and pro-active approach of our partners, as well as the quality of the products. It all just confirms what I already know: we still have the finest products!
Epke Gras – Buyer

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