How light makes a difference in sales

Practice case: how light makes a difference in sales.

The German port of Puttgarden is home to the world’s largest duty-free shop: Scandlines’ Border Shop. Its location is very special: housed in an old ferry, duty-free items such as alcohol and chocolate cover a whopping five floors, totalling nearly 12,000m2. Our Danish partner Greylite was commissioned to inject some glamour into the old, uninspiring lighting.

The old strip lighting did not improve how the items were presented. With the new lighting solution, the focus is entirely on product presentation, and not, for example, on illuminating the ceiling. A significant increase in light level has created a pleasant, customer-friendly atmosphere.

This targeted approach is made possible by using the Thor spotlight mounted on the rail track, resulting in a durable, flexible and effective solution. An open-and three-dimensional feeling was created thanks to special ceiling mounting brackets, with the spots placed as high as possible.

The significant upgrade in lighting has also boosted sales. In practice, these types of changes often deliver a sales increase of 10-15%. That is why this investment in LED lighting has provided a boost on two levels: a decline in energy costs coupled with an increase in sales.


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