Instore lighting: jeweller sparkles like its range

Instore lighting

Jeweller Ure & Gold recently relocated to a larger property in the Danish town of Jyllinge. The task of the instore lighting was given to project lighting specialist Greylite. The Light4U Thor track light equipped with 3000lm, 4000K has been placed in the brand new store. Which offers a powerful product presentation.

The use of 4000K (giving a cooler light) provides the store with a fresh and open look. Depth is created by illuminating the back walls. This 3D effect ensures that the store appears larger and more inviting.

The trend used to be to illuminate jewellery stores with yellowish light, which creates a rather boring and old fashioned ambiance. Jyllinge Ure & Guld has been transformed into a modern store, sparkling like its jewellery range, thanks to choosing the store lighting above.

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