Instruction video for Global Trac installation makes everything clear!

Even as a top lighting professional, it’s sometimes useful if someone can shed extra light on a subject. Recently, one specific question kept cropping up, over and over again: What is the best way of connecting the Global Trac 3-phase lighting track from Nordic Aluminium?

With this topic, we are naturally in our comfort zone, which is why we compiled an instruction video, showing the installation step-by-step, to make sure you can optimise the numerous options available when using XTS and XTSC. The video is ideal for you to use yourself or to share with your business contacts.

Fixtures can be mounted to the Global Trac 3-phase using an adapter on the track, using the voltage of the track. The major benefit is that the tracks ensure flexibility. If there are changes in the lighting plan, the position of the fixtures on the rail can easily be adjusted. View more information about Nordic Aluminium.

We have previously put together instruction videos for the installation of Downlights and Cardanic Downlights. If you think other instruction videos might be useful, please feel free to put in a request. We are happy to share our knowledge, so that we can all be lighting stars, sparkled by us!


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