It will remain warm this fall.

After a summer to remember, today is finally the day: autumn is here. After all those endless summer evenings outside, our focus now goes back inside. Time to create an atmospheric indoor ambience with lighting. With dim-to-warm from Light4U you can arrange it down to the smallest details.

With colder temperatures outside, we simply need light sources with a warmer colour temperature. With dim-to-warm you have access to a light source with which you can vary unprecedentedly in colour temperature. From candlelight (1800K), to bright yellow-white light (3000K). And all this from one light source, controlled by DALI, Casambi or Phase-cut.

Did you know that 90% of the Light4U range is available with dim-to-warm? Now, at the beginning of autumn, is the ideal time to make a major upgrade to your lighting. This way you can fully enjoy it all autumn and winter. At home, or in a lounge area. Do you think dim-to-warm could be the solution you are looking for? We are happy to think along with you, just give us a call.


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