Are you our newest #lightbuilder?


The beginning of everything.

It makes you grow.
It takes you further.
It brings us together.


Our assembly department is Light4U’s engine room. You work in a team with a feeling for technology, an eye for detail and always a good vibe.
We are known for delivering super-fast. Worldwide. This requires smart routes, well thought-out systems and real go-getters.
Without good purchasing, there is no light for our customers. Your purchasing skills ensure beautiful projects with the latest techniques at a competitive price.
Building lighting solutions isn’t possible without a good plan. At our Research & Development department, it’s all about innovating, developing, testing and getting better every day.
Let’s make customers happy. Whether they are around the corner or on the other side of the world. You make the difference with your advice and service.
As lightbuilders, we love to build. That is why our brand is constantly under construction. Everything to convince (future) customers that Light4U is the perfect partner for them.
With everything that comes in and goes out from all over the world, good financial housekeeping is key. You link overview to lightning-fast (trans)actions.
Connecting the right people and then growing together. With team members from all over the world. Let’s create the best conditions for building together.

You as a lightbuilder.

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