Led sparkles at Heeren van Rinsma

When it comes to menswear shops, De Heeren van Rinsma in Gorredijk is a real eye-catcher: a retail experience measuring approximately 1250 m² showcasing menswear, where customers can find everything they are looking for. It’s an experience in itself.
Thanks not only to the beautiful clothes collection and distinctive hospitality, but also because of the stunning presentation. Light4U supplied the LED lighting, in collaboration with the lighting consultants of Lucente.

HiRes Heeren van Rinsma

Enterprising fashion family

The face of De Heeren van Rinsma is Sake Rinsma. He is the 5th generation of an enterprising fashion family. In 1888, his namesake and great-great-grandfather Oene Sake Rinsma founded a menswear business in Gorredijk. His children and grandchildren transformed the fashion store (in the meantime a women’s clothing store had also been opened) from a local business to a store with regional appeal. Sake: “The clientèle kept expanding, and with it the quality that was offered, in terms of what was on offer as well as the customer service. Even in those days, the rule was: the longer the journey, the higher the demands”.

HiRes Heeren van Rinsma-10

Daring to opt for quality

In 2015, Sake and his companions Wytze Peenstra and Gerk Jan Rinsma (4th generation) opened De Heeren van Rinsma, on the square where Rinsma women’s fashion store was already established. It is certainly worth a trip. Where many fashion stores go under these days, Sake knows where his distinctive appeal lies: “We dare to opt for quality, with the most beautiful clothes, the best personal advice, and the hospitality that comes with it. Customers should not feel they are in a shop: they should feel at home. You can have a bite and drink here. There is also, for example, quite regularly a barber; free for our customers. Everything revolves around the experience. We firmly believe in funshopping.”

HiRes Heeren van Rinsma-12

Lighting is the most important link in the showroom

“Our aim is to stimulate all the senses of our customers. With beautiful collections, fresh coffee, pleasant music and therefore also with lighting. I think lighting is the most important link in our shop. It determines the ambiance. Really, good lighting is mega important: it makes a world of difference.” Because Rinsma wanted quality with regards to lighting, the choice was consciously made to opt for LED lighting in the new building. Sake: “Perhaps slightly more expensive, but at the same time much more energy efficient. We are still Dutch: if we can save money, we will, right? Moreover, LED is maintenance friendly. In our women’s fashion store, broken halogen lights need to be replaced every Sunday. Not necessary here, ideal.”

HiRes Heeren van Rinsma-21

Fine-tuning to the exact millimetre

Developments in the field of LED have raced ahead at lightning speed. Years ago, Sake was already looking into using LED in his fashion stores: “At that time, the tones were all far too cold. There was no ambiance and I just wasn’t interested. I am actually surprised how quickly LED has advanced since then. As you can see: we can now create an individual, warm ambiance in every department.” The lighting consultants of Lucente drew up a lighting plan, carried out the installation of the Light4U fixtures and took care of the fine-tuning. The latter, according to Sake, was no mean feat: “Henk from Lucente spent night and day on the fine-tuning, because it had to be very precise. It was worth it though. Precisely because of that tailor-made work, the lighting adds value to the experience concept that we have created here.”


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