Let’s turn and tilt.

Rotate and tilt to your liking. Highlight what you want in an instant. That is what the Light4U Sana is all about. No wonder this banana spotlight is one of the most popular fixtures in shops and showrooms. It just makes you happy!

Maximum flexibility.

The stylish Sana allows you to easily adapt to changes in product ranges or store setups. And it’s very smooth to adjust. Simply tap the Sana in the direction you want: this compact spotlight can be rotated by 35° and tilted by 50°. Use the Sana as a spotlight above objects you want to illuminate or as a recessed spotlight in neutral spaces.

Custom built for you.

Like all our other fixtures, we like to build the Sana completely according to your wishes. For example, choose from modules for food, fashion, and art. Discover all the possibilities here. Want to know more? Our experts are happy to help you.


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