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Light4U sponsors Bertus Folkertsma’s Racing Team

Speed. We love it! And so does Bertus Folkertsma’s Dutch EBR Racing Team, a professional motorsport team, which races in the Dutch Superbike class. Light4U has recently become the sponsor of this successful speed devil.

Of course, to keep the EBR engines in tip-top condition requires a lot of effort and the workshop is therefore essential. That is why we have supplied the LED lighting for the workshop.

IMG_2399 IMG_2616

Bertus Folkertsma is delighted with it: “Following the advice of Walter van Maren of Light4U in Joure, this beautiful LED lighting has been installed in the workshop. How cool is that? And just look at the light! We are on track for many years to come.”

Previously, we also installed LED lighting in the interior of the impressive team trailer. With the help of a little bit of sparkle from us, Bertus Folkertsma Racing Team will go even faster!

Website Bertus Folkertsma

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