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Light metamorphosis at VW dealer showroom

Our Danish partner Greylite has been using Light4U products for years when providing advice on lighting. For this case, owner Stig Lucas takes you on a trip to Horsholm, just north of Copenhagen. Here the showroom of the VW dealer was given a complete makeover, thanks to sophisticated lighting.  

Interplay of light and shine.

Showrooms are increasingly becoming an experience in themselves. As part of the experience, cars are given more presentation space as if they are on a stage. Often, increasing use is made of daylight. The showroom becomes a space where almost everything shines. When designing showroom lighting, the challenge is always to put the accent in the right place.

Pushing showroom lighting to the next level.

The VW dealer was already working on expanding and refurbishing the showroom. Stig: “Another lighting consultant had already been consulted about the lighting. They had already assembled a lot of recessed fixtures, but this design was eventually rejected by the chief architect of Semler Retail. That was when we were asked to come up with a suggestion to bring the lighting to the next level.”

The solution is Cardan large.

Pushing showroom lighting to the next level stands or falls with choosing the right type of light fitting. Stig: “We suggested the Cardan large two fixture, to be used with 2×4000 lumen and 4000K adjustable spots. We had previously used these downlighters in other VW showrooms. With this solution, it is possible to achieve the required 1500-2500 lux on the cars. Additionally, we created a 3D effect on the back walls. That creates the right depth and ambience.”

Fast delivery time a further incentive.

“This was a project that had to be finished in a very short space of time. Light4U did an excellent job with its speedy delivery service. Thanks to this, the lack of time did not become an insurmountable problem. The end result is a success – and the customer thinks so as well. Currently, several Danish VW showrooms are being refurbished, with lighting that boosts sales considerably.”

For more inspiration about lighting in the automotive industry, view more showroom projects here.

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