Light4U congratulates SC Cambuur

Repeating a top performance. Despite everything. That is a great achievement. The championship and promotion of SC Cambuur to the Eredivisie is a shining example. The club is now back where it belongs: in the spotlight of the premier football competition in The Netherlands. We congratulate everyone connected to the club on the championship and the return to top-flight football.

We are a proud sponsor of SC Cambuur, not only because one of the owners is a big fan, but also because we think it is important to support the region. As local partners, we want to play our part in supporting the club and the local community.

As Cambuur has all of the attributes to become champions, so we have everything it takes to deliver tailor-made quality: an extensive range, large stocks and an innovative assembly department. We produce premium LED lighting, made to perform every day and ready for the highest level, just like Cambuur.

And when you are passionate about what you do, you make a difference. Even when the going gets tough. Always keep your head up: that is Cambuur and that is us.


Photography: Henk Jan Dijks


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