Light4U Edda

Light4U Edda: now available as recessed luminaire

We proudly present the Light4U Edda Recessed.

We recently announced that the Light4U Edda track spot is equipped with the latest generation of track drivers with the advantage of a higher lumen output. That’s extremely attractive for your Retail projects. We have good news for you! This popular luminaire is now also available as a built-in version: the Edda Recessed.


One luminaire with two different mounting options. This allows you to create unity in your lighting project. Using the same luminaires creates a pleasant and peaceful feel.

Stylish design

The Edda Recessed has the same stylish, compact design as the Edda track spot. That is why the same beam angles and accessories are available. The Edda Recessed offers you a luminaire that guarantees a successful lighting performance.

Sparkling specs

  • Lumen output up to 3000 lm.
  • CCT from 2700K till 5700K, including special retail colours (fashion, art, meat, bakery, fish) and  tunable white.
  • Beam angles: 15°/30°/45°/60°.
  • Casambi and DALI on request.
  • Accessories: glass and honeycomb.
  • Available in black, white and grey.

Discover the specifications of the Edda Recessed here. Want to make your project sparkle with this product? feel free to contact us on +31 (0) 513 41 70 90 of

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