spotlight with integrated driver

Light4U Edda: world mother with innovative power

If you are searching for the most compact spotlight on the market, with a stylish design, then your search is over. Let us introduce you to the latest addition to our range – the Light4U Edda! This adjustable spotlight is related to the new Ymir, brought to you at the start of the year.

Intelligently integrated driver

Edda’s slim and elegant look is striking: just like the Ymir, Edda has a beautiful cylindrical design and is extremely compact as it does not have a separate driver housing. The driver is intelligently integrated in the Nordic 3-Phase Track adapter.

World mother

Just like all fittings in our Light4U range, the name Edda originates from Scandinavian mythology. Edda means ‘world mother’ and mainly signifies the idea of the knowledge she possesses. An apt name for a product that beautifully combines power and innovation.

The specifications of Light4U Edda:

–          range of beam angles: 12 to 45 degrees
–          3000 Lumen max.
–          equipped with Philips or Osram LED
–          3 phase adapter with built-in TCI driver
–          available in black, white and grey
–          click here for full specifications

Add a touch of sparkle to your project with the newest generation of spotlights, by opting for the new standard and choosing Edda. Please contact us for the terms and conditions.

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