Light4U introduces its own brand

At Light4U we develop customised lighting solutions. We have been doing so for years. That is also where our passion lies: innovating light fixtures, carefully considering what customers want and discovering where the latest opportunities are. 

And then – with all the expertise we have – we are able to create a unique light fixture. That is something we are very proud of. That is why we think it is time to bring the LED products we have developed into the limelight. We have done this under the brand Light4U!

Homegrown top quality

Of course, we are still happy to supply the renowned top brands. But at the same time, many shops and showrooms are already using the products we have developed ourselves in Joure. Only: they have always been there anonymously. We have remained below the radar all these years, although our tailor-made fixtures offer genuine Dutch craftsmanship. In order to highlight this, all the products we develop are now under the new Light4U brand.

Smart, attractive, solid

What distinguishes Light4U products? First of all, they are innovative. For example, by combining two functions in one light fixture. By adding a tilt function, general line lighting can also be used as a wall washer. They are also high-quality, beautifully designed and very robust. Of course, we also opt for a top quality light source: each fixture is equipped with Philips LED technology.

Optimising with customisation

There is an important role for our customers in the development of new products. We are constantly talking to them. What do they need? What is practical? Have they already got a rail? And how can we make clever use of it? Because even if there are limits on location, there is still plenty of scope for innovation. Precisely because we are so at home in the market, we can find solutions that fit perfectly, and therefore really add value.

Spot + logo

Passionate developers

We have noticed that there is a strong demand in the market for new, sophisticated LED solutions. That is not surprising, because huge progress has been made in the last six years. Before that, there was hardly anything available in the LED market. Only the LED and the driver were available. But with customisation, you can really take advantage of LED. That’s why we took to the drawing board, to think ahead and to build: that is where our heart is. Mission and Myth, successful light fixtures developed by us prove that our drive to develop is embraced by many customers. And if it were up to us, there would be many more product launches.

Ode to Scandinavia

All the products from the new Light4U brand have names from Norwegian myths and legends. That is because we have a special relationship with Scandinavia. It was our first export region and a place we visit regularly. We are also hugely inspired by the design from that part of the world: after all, who isn’t! We think it’s important for light fixtures to be aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, it seems that I have Scandinavian roots (albeit very distant). All in all, you could say that our new Light4U brand is an ode to Scandinavia!

Do you want to explore the opportunities of LED?

Are you curious? Then check out our Light4U LED light fixtures in our shop. This year we will introduce an even larger range of innovative products. Of course we are happy to keep you informed. Do you have ideas or inspiration? Feel free to share them with me and we will work on it together!


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