Building the perfect lighting solution for you.


At Light4U, all we care about is making it right for you. This requires outstanding performance. With every step, every day. Learn more about the dedication we put into producing the perfect solution for you.



Our in-house R&D department enables us to continuously implement the latest trends in lighting and the electronic industry and improve the mechanical, electronic, optical or thermal parameters of our luminaires. In this way, we make our products more ecological, economical and even easier to control. Benefits which you and your customers can enjoy every day.

Highly educated and experienced international team
Development oriented on today’s market’s requirements
Efficiency, high performance and universal design

Our goal? To develop products that never get homesick: so well produced, that we’ll never see them again!

- Walter van Maren



Each year, regulations are getting even more demanding. Thanks to our in-house testing facilities, 3D prototyping, external laboratories and skilled team, we are able to evaluate and improve the developed fixtures. In this way, we can guarantee that you are always getting products that fully meet the latest standards.

In-house photometric and thermal laboratory
In-house 3D prototyping
Testing and certification in accredited laboratories

Quality must be proven and all provided values must be according to the tested results.

- Tarek Nadim



All our fixtures are built by hand. Each fixture can be assembled for you in more than 5000 ways. Do you need a special? We build it. The flexibility of our assembly lines allows us to make OEM production and customized solutions in bigger or smaller quantities. Generally, we produce your solution within five days, offering one of the best quality/price ratios on the market!

Effective, fast and flexible
For OEM partners as well as small projects
Semi-automated and handmade assembly

Need a special fixture for your project? No problem. Whatever you desire, we’ll build it for you in no-time.

- Kasia Chwiejczak



In our industry, speed is always a must. That’s why we are fast in our agreements, confirmations and deliveries. Our 2000m2 warehouse enables us to keep enough materials for production. Fastly prepared and immediately packed for your shipment after production. Ready components for your project, like Nordic track lighting systems, are shipped within one day.

Strategically optimized and visionary supply chain
Well organized warehouse management system
Reliable partners for on-time deliveries

Shipping orders in good time to be used in projects worldwide, that’s what makes our day.

- Albertus de Leeuw



We are proud to be on the same team with you and to help you to find the right product for your portfolio or your project. We understand the importance of partnership in business, and only thanks to our valuable partners and customers, our products are delivered all over the world.

Excellent service with fast response time
Professional with a personal approach
High degree of technical knowledge

Cooperation, speed, knowledge, honesty and care. This is what I believe, are the most important aspects in what we do. Only with this approach we can keep on building long-lasting, sustainable partnerships.

- Zuzana Nadim


Come and visit us.

Our brand new headquarters in Joure are home to lighting professionals from all over the world. For us, it’s more than just a production facility.

It’s a place where we can share our passion for lighting. Equipped with all the facilities we need, surrounded by all the luminaires from our range, and experiencing the enormous versatility that lighting can offer.

In a way, we are working within our own, unique lighting project. We’d like to invite you to experience this too. Please contact us to make an appointment to visit us. You are very welcome.