Lighting advice: the ART module brings art to life

Lighting advice: Art module

Our lighting advice this week is about the optimum lighting for art. Whether this is in a gallery, museum or at home. Presenting art beautifully is indeed an art in itself. How do you illuminate a beautiful work of art ensuring that it’s always displayed at its best, regardless of the time of day?


Lighting a painting or a sculpture is an exact science. The ART module (which can be used in all Light4U downlights and spotlights) brings out the very best in every work of art. It’s a delicate balance, where colour, size and environment play an important role.

Excellent colour rendering and maximum colour consistency

One of the most striking aspects of luminaires using the ART module is excellent colour rendering, with an unrivalled high CRI of 97 on average. Thanks to that the colours of the art objects are looking extremely natural and do not change their original appearance. MacAdam 2 guarantees the maximum colour consistency during the lifetime of the luminaire. The nice design of a luminaire in combination with the ART module allows impressing visitors of museums, galleries, or boutiques by enabling them to see the smallest detail – even when the lighting is dimmed.

Multiple options for an optimal light experience

The ART module can also play a major role in the conservation of works of art, as it does not produce any harmful UV or IR radiation. Of course, at Light4U you can choose to use it in different luminaires or beam angles. The best results are achieved in combination with a proper control system, DALI or Casambi in order to adjust the intensity of the light and create scenes to adapt the lighting to the particular daylight situation and to tailor it to the duration of a visitor’s stay.

Ask for advice

Would you like to know the ideal lighting solution for your project? Light4U doesn’t only give you clear lighting advice: we also have everything in-house to provide you with tailor-made light fittings and deliver them quickly. Please feel free to contact us and take a look at our beautiful spotlights and downlights. Even though art should always play the starring role, stylish light fittings also play an important part in an art lover’s overall experience.


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