Lighting boost with character.

Black is an enigmatic colour. It is used in different events and is associated with other emotions. But it is also seen as formal, elegant and prestigious. The use of black luminaires in an ample white space gives this space character. A good example is the Marie Stella Maris shop on the Van Baerlestraat in Amsterdam. New lighting has been installed here by our partner,

A nice sleek look, relatively high white walls, white furniture and displays characterise the area. By using black lighting tracks and black luminaires, the store is significantly boosted. The subtle black track spot LIVAL Cafeteria lits the displays beautifully. The warm white light colour (light colour 930) matches precisely with the experience of the Marie Stella Maris products. Premium essentials to take good care of yourself:  “Enjoy the delights of the world responsibly while caring for others”

A black version is available for almost all our luminaires. Curious about our complete range? Check our assortment here or contact us on +31 513 41 70 90.

Photography: Bianca Wesselius, Way2Style.



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