Instore lighting: lots of space for the little ones

Drachten has seen the opening of a brand new BabyPlanet store. The task of the instore lighting  was given to De Lichtadviseurs lighting consultants based in Joure. A number of existing LED spots were taken from the old building when the company relocated. The challenge of using the old spots and coming up with a suitable lighting solution fell to Henk van der Heide of De Lichtadviseurs.

For the ground floor, Henk chose the Light4U Orco spotlight in a concrete grey colour, so that the new fixtures matched the radiators that had also been brought from the old store. Only white fixtures were installed on the first floor (visible from the ground floor thanks to the building layout).

The decision was made to install Light4U Skadi and Light4U Tube, which provides both ambient lighting and product lighting. All fixtures are suspended from a track lighting system, meaning that there are no ceiling points. The hanging UFOs are from the Belgian company Doxis and fit in beautifully with the BabyPlanet theme of space. Want to know more about smart instore lighting? Feel free to call us.

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