Meet the Huginn R: extremely clever.

In Norse mythology, Huginn is one of the ravens of the god Odin. Together with the other raven Muninn, he flies around the world to gather information. They fly out in the morning and tell what is going on at Odin’s shoulder in the evening. The Light4U Huginn R is also extremely clever. And thanks to its privileged position from above, he is adapted to the world below.

The flexible Huginn R is a beautiful 3-phase track spot. The driver is integrated in the track adapter, which provides a stylish look. This is why this luminaire is very popular in shops, restaurants and hotels. We would like to sit on your shoulder and whisper to you what this track spot can mean for your project:

  • Adjustability: 350° rotatable and 90° tiltable
  • Optic: faceted anodized aluminium reflector 25°, 3O°, 36°, 5O°, 6O°
  • CCT: 27OOK – 57OOK, dim-to-warm 3000K-1800K
  • CRI: (RA) >9O, (RA) >97, (RA) >8O
  • Luminous flux: max. 315OLm
  • Connected load: max. 3OW
  • System efficiency: max. 127Lm/W
  • Dim and control options: DALI, Casambi

In addition, the Huginn R can be equipped with Spectral LED, that matches the natural light spectrum, special colours for use in retail and various accessories. And good to mention: in addition to raven black, this luminaire is also available in white and grey. Compose your ideal Huginn R here.


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