Multifunctional space? Nordic Aluminium Global Trac!

What to do if you want to illuminate a space that’s used for meetings, office work, and eating lunch? Exactly, you apply the Nordic Aluminium Track System! Groenendijk Licht shows how the Global Trac fits perfectly in this project for the brand-new office of Kroes.

The Global Trac from Nordic Aluminium is the most popular track system for a reason. The top quality, easy, fast installation and flexibility make this a favourite along lighting professionals. In this project, the Huginn has the perfect design for a vertical position or a set position. With its wide beam angle and variation of options, this universal track spot can be customized for the different purposes of the multifunctional space. Check out the options of the Huginn here.

The Nordic Aluminium Global Trac Systems suits every indoor project, like shops, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and offices. You can find the possibilities here. Do you want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to think along with you.




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