adjustable downlighters Cardan

Name changes: Light4U Cardan en Cardanic becomes Light4U Cardan small & large

We take pride in clarity. Is there any ambiguity? We’re happy to solve this quickly. We noticed that sometimes there has been confusion regarding our Light4U Cardan and Light4U Cardanic fixtures. They are same adjustable downlighters, but in different formats. And therefore, they have different names.

Cardanic becomes Cardan large

This is why we’ve made a name change. The larger Cardanic can be ordered from today as Cardan large. The ‘original’ Cardan is now on sale as Cardan small in our range. Here’s the list:

Light4U Cardanic one (205*205×157) renamed Light4U Cardan large one

Light4U Cardanic two (380*205×158) renamed Light4U Cardan large two

Light4U Cardanic three (557*205×158) renamed Light4U Cardan large three

Light4U Cardanic four (385*385×156) renamed Light4U Cardan large four square



Light4U Cardan one (168*168×115) renamed Light4U Cardan small one

Light4U Cardan two (322*168×115) renamed Light4U Cardan small two

Light4U Cardan three (464*168×115) renamed Light4U Cardan small three


In this way, this much in demand lighting solution has been given a uniform name. This makes it much clearer. Do you have any more questions? Contact us on +31 (0)513 417 090.

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