New! The Tyr

New! The Tyr, compact spotlight with great possibilities.

One of the most striking aspects of the LED revolution is that everything is becoming more compact, not only the chips, modules and drivers. The Tyr also takes the next step in an aesthetic direction. This stylish new spotlight is more compact than ever.


‘The Tyr personifies the sun in Norse Mythology.’


Innovation with an eye for balance
With The Tyr we have responded to the demand for more sophisticated solutions. Because the drivers are becoming smaller and smaller, we have also managed to create a housing with a more compact and solid design. This means the spotlight is even more symmetrical, and greater balance has brought greater beauty.

Added value in all industries
The Tyr is handy, can be rotated 360 degrees and fitted directly onto a rail. This makes this small, sustainable spotlight hugely suitable for use in the retail industry, showrooms and industrial buildings.

Specifications and ordering
The Tyr is now available at Light4U. Click here to view the Tyr’s specifications. If you have any questions about options or ordering, please contact us on +31 (0)513 41 70 90.

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