Office lighting, smart with DALI.

Creating a perfectly balanced workspace. This is what Varex Imaging located in Doetinchem desired when arranging their modern office. Of course, lighting plays an essential role.

The building is divided into different zones with open and closed settings. Each with its own function. To gather, to have important meetings, or to work with optimal concentration. Every room desires specific attention and appearance. A challenge that D&A Licht knows how to handle.

The line lighting serves as a basis for the atmosphere. A décor with smooth lines and a unique light image. The DALI system is the basis for functional areas, giving you control over the complete lighting system. This way, you can determine the amount and intensity of the light in every separate room,  and set the dimming automatically. You can make a light scenario for every space. Because of these controls, you have a significant influence on energy savings.

They used the World 200 in this intelligent lighting system. It’s very easy to configure our universal downlight for this. The World family distinguishes itself due to its endless possibilities.

Are you interested in the possibilities of DALI lighting and the luminaires you can choose from? Then, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.


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