Philips SLM Gen6, available from September

To get the most out of your store, lighting is required that really does justice to colour, finish and texture. That’s why Philips has launched the latest generation Fortimo LED SLM chip: the Gen6. Stronger and more durable than ever and available at Light4U from September. 


What’s new in Gen6?

  • A larger range of colour temperatures, CRI and spectras to choose from
  • Efficiency up to 163° lm/W
  • Extended Tc up to 95°C possible

Full range

The Fortimo LED SLM Gen6 offers a full range of colour temperatures, plus three additional types that are optimised for specific lighting applications: PremiumWhite and CrispWhite for retailers, especially fashion retailers, and Food PremiumRed and WarmWhite for food retailers.

Unique lighting experience

With a colour rendering index of CRI> 90, the Fortimo LED SLM Gen6 offers a fantastic colour experience with deep colour saturation, natural white tones and colour consistency. For high efficient applications, CRI> 70 and CRI> 80 are also available with the same form factor and driver compatibility.

What will change for you?

Our products equipped with a Philips chip will have an even better return, and you don’t have to do a thing for this. An improved chip for the same price. Gen5 will be gradually phased out.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about the new possibilities of Philips Fortimo Gen6, then please feel free to contact Epke Gras on +31 513 760 603 or

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