Premium showroom lighting for premium cars

Perfectly designed lighting can transform showrooms in an unprecedented way. Greylite has brought the lighting in the showroom of BMW dealer Arne Poulsen Automobiler to a level that suits this premium car brand.

Previously, the showroom was relatively poorly lit. Fluorescent tubes resulted in low lighting levels, poor product presentation and an unattractive environment for customers. The new lighting solution had to be flexible, sales boosting and above all: energy saving.

Greylite realized a modest but powerful solution: a row of 3-phase tracks containing the Light4U Edda track spot, with its compact and stylish looks. On the lower ceilings we used 3200lm with a wide beam angle. In the higher areas we created 4400lm with a narrower light beam.

The use of 4000 Kelvin luminaires really brings the chrome and metallic paint of the cars to life. In addition, this creates a very bright and inviting atmosphere: an ambience that matches the premium brand experience that suits BMW.


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