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The Edda spotlight is perfect for you if you are a fan of compact luminaires. The design of this adjustable 3-phase track spot is distinctive, with the incorporated driver installed into the Nordic track adapter. You can choose from three sizes (S, M and L) or a recessed version (EDDA REC). The wide range of light colours and accessories makes Edda popular in shops, showrooms and hospitality establishments.

Discover the HIGH EFFICIENCY version from EDDA L, the EDDA L HE: higher performance and lower energy costs. By refining the Edda L technology, the performance is even higher than before, with a subsequent 20% drop in power consumption. This has a direct impact on your electricity costs.

Have a look at the calculation example so you can see what it means for you:

Calculation example High Efficiency.

Check the options of the Edda L HE via the CRI filter: (RA) >90 High Efficiency.

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