Project: A lighting design coming to life.

When creating a lighting design for a brand new fashion store, you certainly face challenges. Especially when it comes to defining a suitable concept. The right luminaires are of great importance for generating the desired atmosphere.

For Patrick Snoek of Snoek Project Verlichting, the challenge at the ‘Rodeo Drive’ fashion store in Oosterhout was to create a smooth and soothing lighting setup that also highlighted the display units with accenting. Of course, it also had to be ensured that customers in the store would not get blinded by the accent lighting.

The design

Using a 3D interior design tool, Snoek put together a concept plan for the lighting.

After just a few modifications in the design, the plan provided exactly the atmosphere that store owner Derk van den Bosch had in mind.

For the shop window and accent lighting, the Tube fixtures in a track were chosen and Casambi dimmable light lines were chosen for the smooth and soothing base lighting in the store. This allowed the lighting design to come to life and thereby also the store concept.

The result

The result is a lovely store, in fact, it is called ‘one of the most beautiful stores ever seen’ by several customers and suppliers. And because the perfectly applied lighting is a crucial part of creating this atmosphere, that is a wonderful compliment to Snoek Project Verlichting, the store owner, and also Light4U.


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