Project: flexible recessed luminaire Light4U Frisco makes car showroom shine again

Flexibele inbouwspot

The reception area of the Semler Retail car showroom has undergone a huge change. In addition to the new interior, the space has also been fitted with new lighting. Project lighting designer Greylite was responsible for selecting the lighting concept and installed the adjustable, rotating recessed luminaire Light4U Frisco.

Flexible recessed spotlight.

The reception area was very dark, which made the room boring and anything but welcoming. Greylite faced the challenge of transforming the reception area into a fresh space where customers would immediately feel welcome. Since the reception area is also used as a showroom, they chose the Light4U Frisco 3000lm, 3000K flexible banana spot to add sparkle to the project.

Because the spotlight is adjustable, the Light4U Frisco is the perfect lighting solution for showrooms. If you decide to change something in the showroom, you can simply move the spotlight into the desired position in no time at all.

Ergonomic working environment.

The well-being of the staff was also taken into account. Stig Lucas from Greylite explained further: “To prevent glare and reflection on the computer screens, we illuminated the rear walls. This created an indirect lighting solution that ergonomically improves the working environment.”

Are you curious to see how the Light4U Frisco can make your lighting project shine? Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help.


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