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Project: flexible showroom lighting thanks to Light4U Frisco

INVITA is one of the largest kitchen manufacturers in Denmark. They recently redesigned the lighting in their showroom. This project has been realised by project lighting designer Greylite. Light4U’s flexible banana spotlight Frisco has been installed in the showroom.


The old fittings were ineffective and no longer suitable for the job. The light was too white and the quality of the light level far too low (300 lux). Greylite gave the showroom a major boost! Greylite decided to go for an average of 800 lux by by installing the Light4U Frisco 4000lm, 3000K, resulting in a warmer light and more than doubling the light performance. Depth and atmosphere were created by illuminating the back walls.


Stig Lucas of Greylite: “The advantage of the adjustable Light4U Frisco is that this luminaire can be used as a downlighter above neutral areas, and also as a spot above the exhibited kitchens.” This gives you the freedom to make changes in a showroom without having to create a new lighting plan. It’s therefore easy to adjust the Frisco according to you requirements.

According to Stig, the client is extremely satisfied with this lighting solution! If you have a lighting project that could be enhanced with the Light4U Frisco, or if you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us on +31 (0) 513 41 70 90 or

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