Light4U Edda

Project: Light4U Edda provides stunning retail lighting

Danish women’s fashion shop Lohse has recently undergone a wonderful metamorphosis. The LED lighting was realised by our Danish partner Greylite, who decided to fit the visually appealing Light4U track spot Edda.

The biggest challenge faced by the project was to achieve significant energy efficiencies. That’s why the former energy-guzzling rail spots were replaced by the Light4U Edda with driver adapter. When it came to choosing the track spot, it was important for the fashion items to be presented in the best light: that’s why the track spot featuring 3500K and 3000lm was chosen.

The Light4U Edda delivers on two fronts: it’s an attractive-looking luminaire and is a real winner in terms of technology. No less than 130 luminaires were installed and the result is amazing! Stig Lucas from Greylite: ”With the new Light4U lighting, the lighting level has been raised and energy consumption reduced”.

To find out more about this stylish, powerful luminaire, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to tell you all about it!

You can view more projects from Light4U here.

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