Project: magical parliament thanks to Light4U Baldr and Fenrir.

Light4U Baldr

Create multifunctional lighting that would be perfect for meetings, presentations as well as TV broadcasts. That was the challenge faced by our Slovenian partner, KSL Studio, at the start of this project. KSL Studio had the honour of providing the lighting for the Slovenian parliament using luminaires from Light4U.

Perfect ambience

It was important to choose fixtures with dimming function, to smoothly change the colour temperature and therefore the ambience of the entire space. The solution? Installation of Light4U’s Baldr S, Baldr L, Fenrir S and Fenrir L in the parliament. Pia Konič from KSL Studio: “The results of light efficiency tests have shown that these luminaires are simply the best at meeting these requirements.”

Exceeding expectations

The result is magical. Pia: “We have met and exceeded the customer’s expectations! The customer is delighted. It has been a great honour for us, after all, this is parliament we are talking about!’’

If you also want to elevate the quality of your lighting project, then choose Light4U luminaires to add some sparkle. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us via +31 (0) 513 41 70 90 or We are happy to help you!


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